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June Newsletter

Updated: Jun 2, 2022

June 2022

Fathers Day June 19th, 2022

All members that are Fathers can have one free food menu item if they visit the Speakeasy the weekend of Fathers Day.

Cocktail Spotlight

Uncle Nearest

Uncle Nearest 1884 is the proud legacy of the Godfather Tennessee Whiskey, Nearest Green. Each small batch comes from barrels chosen by out founders and each blend is curated by 5th generation Green descendant, Master Blender, Victoria Eady Butler. Uncle Nearest's given name was Nathan Green but some may argue that it was Nearis. He was said to be a former slave that found fame in the whiskey business. The still where Uncle Nearest made this fine whiskey was located at Dan Call Farm. This farm was owned by Reverend Call a local preacher. After a dispute with his congregation he decided to sell the still to one of his associates. After the selling of the still uncle nearest continued to work under the new management. After working for years many say that Uncle Nearest was the one who perfected the art of the "Lincoln County Process" which is what makes Tennessee Whiskey so much different than any other spirit in the world. Some remnants of the cut stone still remain but for the most part the old distillery that sat on Louse Creek is gone. Though the distillery has crumbled the legacy of Uncle Nearest will live on for generations.

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Rosewood Florist and Coffee Shop

Christy and Jeromy Rose are the owners of this unique and quaint shop in Richwood, WV. This has been a family owned business passed down from one generation to the next. Initially owned by Jeromy's parents, Yvonne and Walter Rose. In 2017 Jeromy and Christy decided to reopen the family business to contribute to new growth on Main Street.



  • June 4th- Live Music with Eric Robbins

  • June 10th- Live Music with Caden Glover

  • June 12th- Brunch with Nick and Drew

  • June 17th- Acoustic Fusion at The Vault on Main

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