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Membership Details

Option 1: Yearly Single Member


Option 2: Yearly Member + 1 Guest


Option 3: Monthly Single Member



  • Access to Speakeasy during open hours

  • Monthly Newsletter

  • Special Event invites

  • Choice of 1 stocked beverage available for purchase

  • Quarterly Voucher ($15 value) to apply to your bill

  • 10% off Apparel 

Monthly Membership includes access to Speakeasy for 30 Days only. 

Between 4-6pm​
Happy Hour

Members can enjoy 2$ off craft beer, wine and cocktails


Thursday & Friday between 4-6pm

Rules & Regulations

  • We offer 2 membership options. Yearly or monthly. If you are not a member and come into the speakeasy, the bartender will automatically charge you 10$ for a monthly membership. If you do not want to do this, you will not be served.

  • You MUST be 21 year old or older to become a member. Guests may be under 21, but must be supervised at all times and may not sit at the bar.

  • Dinner Pass: If you have dinner in the restaurant, you are given a guest pass for that night only. This can not be used at a later date and also does not allow you to invite other patrons who did not dine in. They will need to pay for their 10$ to enter.

  • Members are not permitted to open the door or give out the secret code to non members under any circumstance. The bartender is responsible for entry so that they may check membership status.

  • We reserve the right to refuse service to a guest who we believe is impaired in any way. Please respect this. We’re here to have fun and want to see everyone back again. As we all know – impaired people don’t always make the best choices.

  • Boisterous or indecent conduct will not be tolerated and WILL result in immediate removal from the building and membership suspension or termination.

  • Profanity or disrespect directed towards bartenders or staff WILL NOT be tolerated and WILL result in immediate membership suspension or termination.

  • Absolutely no outside food or beverage.

  • Due to limited seating we operate on a “first come – first served” basis. This applies to every seat in the house (including the bar.)

  • This is a speakeasy, let’s sit back, sip gently & speak easy. If you do those 3 things, you ensure that the environment is pleasing to all members or our visiting guests.

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